Associate Members

You are an associate member of NASS if you can demonstrate that you are employed as a member of Stable Staff by a licensed trainer or permit holder.  This allows you access to legal advice and representation at the discretion of the Chief Executive and the Executive Committee.

Full Members

NASS holds elections for the position of Chief Executive and the President of the Executive Committee.  This is your opportunity to vote for those leading the organisation.  To vote in NASS elections, associate members must complete a membership form and become a full member.  This is because it will be a postal ballot and NASS need the address of the members in order to send the ballot papers.

Unlicensed Stable Staff

NASS is funded by a percentage of the Stable Staff Prize Money.  Unlicensed yards (e.g. studs, pre-training point to point yards) do not contribute to this Prize Money.  Although NASS are not obliged to provide assistance to staff from unlicensed yards, NASS will offer advice and representation at the discretion of the Chief Executive and the Executive Committee. 

Prior to March 2015 you could apply to be a fee paying member of NASS and enjoy the benefits of membership.  Since March 2015 NASS no longer accepts applications from fee paying members, existing fee paying members will still enjoy their same rights subject to payment of their fee.  If you are unsure then please contact the NASS office for guidance.

To notify us of a change of address please use our feedback form on the contact page and let us have your trainers name and new address and we'll update our records. Alternatively call us on 01638 663411


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