Pool money can be a massive incentive to working in racing.  Unfortunately, it can also be a major source of discontentment and reason why racing staff leave their employment or racing altogether.  Given the issues the industry experiences with recruiting and retaining staff, pool money is an even more important issue to address.

Part of the problem is that many yards still fail to have rules or the rules are amended at the end of the pool money period.  NASS does not say what the rules in the yard should be as what is fair will vary greatly from yard to yard, depending on how you work.  Our view is that staff should decide the rules at the beginning of the season, so everyone knows what they are working for.  If there is a rule in the yard you disagree with then you can vote to change it or work in a yard where the rules are more in alignment with what you think is fair.

NASS has designed a pool money rules template to cover the key points.  We hope the BHA will implement a Rule of Racing requiring trainers to submit the attached template at the beginning of the pool money period with the pool money return for the previous period.  It could then be referred to in the case of a dispute.  This would overcome the problems experienced by a) not having any rules and b) amending them part way through or at the end of the pool money period.

Click HERE for a copy of the pool money rules template.


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